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Containerised Storage

You may need to store all or some of your belongings mid-move or you may require storage on a longer term basis. We provide our customers with a safe and secure storage solution at our containerised storage facility.

Containerised storage is the most efficient and cost effective method of storage available. Storage containers can be fork-lifted directly onto our vehicles and brought to your home. They are then carefully loaded with your belongings and sealed. Our lorry then returns to our warehouse where the containers are stacked and remain until you request their return. Should you require access to your goods whilst they are in storage we will bring your containers forward and open them for you.

This method of storage minimises the number of times your goods are handled and, unlike self-storage, there are no long walks pushing trolleys up isles only to find that the unit you have selected is too small!

We are the leading removal company in Newbury and our packing and storage services are second to none.

We provide a reliable, prompt and professional service and are well-known throughout Newbury and the surrounding areas.

So, if you need a reliable removal company who will pack your items with care, then contact us today!

Acorn Removals (Newbury) for all your removal or storage requirements.


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