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Helpful advice and tips on moving house.

We have prepared this guide for people intending to move home. If you follow our advice we hope you will minimise the stress associated with moving and you will have done everything possible to ensure that your move passes as smoothly as possible. We recommend that you print this page and tick off the tasks listed below as you go.


Consider the quotes you have received. Are you comparing like-for-like? (Check insurance offered, packing materials and service type). Remember that the cheapest quote is not always the best one to choose. Make sure you have confidence in the mover you choose.
Choose your mover and having asked the mover if they can accept your booking on the day that you wish to move, return a signed acceptance form (contract). Make sure you have read the terms and conditions (usually found on the reverse of the quote). Fridays are the busiest days for removal companies and usually get booked up quickly so try to avoid agreeing to move on a Friday. Book as far in advance as possible (don't book until your moving date is set in stone), at least two weeks before your moving date.
Make sure you or your remover have adequate insurance cover in place to cover your move. As an Insured Remover, we at Acorn Removals are able to accept liability for loss or damage up to a value of £70,000. See terms and conditions for details.
Inform the local authority about your move if parking restrictions are in place outside collection or delivery addresses. They will be able to suspend parking bays on the day of your move.
Decide upon any items that you wish to dispose of before you move. Now is a great time to have a clear out. Unwanted furniture can be offered to charities who will often collect the items directly from you. Alternatively, you can ask your mover to deliver the items to a local auctioneer. However, please note that Acorn Removals are not able to offer a disposal service.

Practical Stuff

Run down your freezer contents.
If you are packing for yourself request packing materials from your mover and start packing. Remember, for a smooth move all packing should be completed before the day of your move.
If you require the services of carpet fitters to lay carpets in your new home or electricians to remove and refit light fittings arrange them now.
Plan where everything will go in your new home - draw a floor plan.
Make plans for friends or relatives to look after children or pets on the day of your move.
Decide what you need to take with you yourself on the day of the move and keep these separate. EG: important documents, telephone numbers, refreshments, valuable items and items the removal company are unable to move for insurance reasons like flammable items or paint.
Have light fittings removed by a qualified electrician. You will need to replace these with cheaper fittings in order that adequate lighting is in place for the new owner.
If items of furniture need to be dismantled for the move do this the day before - remembering to keep the fixings in a safe place. You may have agreed with your mover for them to do this work. If this is the case leave it to them.
If you're moving a long distance and with children, leave out toys and books to keep them entertained during the journey.
Inform the people listed below about your move.
  • Family and Friends
  • Post Office - redirect your mail
  • Local Council
  • Gas Supplier
  • Electricity Supplier
  • Water Supplier
  • Telephone Company
  • Cable Company
  • Milk Man and Newspapers
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Church / Mosque / Synagogue
  • Banks and Building Societies
  • Creditors
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Vet
  • Schools
  • D.V.L.A.
  • Insurance Company
  • Clubs

The Big Day:

Ensure you have reserved adequate parking at both the collection and delivery addresses. You can ask the people moving out of your new home to keep the space that their removal lorry used. Try to be on hand on the day of your move. Explain and label any items that are not to be taken by your movers.

Make sure you have left spare keys and instructions for the heating, alarms or any other appliances you are leaving for the new owner. When loading is complete you must make a full inspection of your old home to make sure nothing has been left in error - if your movers have to make a second trip as a result of items being left in error you may face additional charges. Provide your mover with a map showing your new address (if you are moving outside the local area) and drop the keys for your old house the your estate agent. Take our mobile telephone number and give us yours. It's important that you can remain in touch. If you are completing on your new house on the day of your move it's a good idea to be at the estate agents between 12noon and 2pm as this is usually the time they will be able to release the keys to your new home. If your there when the keys are released you will save time.

At the delivery address you will be required to direct the movers to place items where you want them. Label rooms to make reference to the parts of your new home easier. It's also a good idea to prepare a floor plan of your new home to help decide where everything goes. When unloading is complete, we will ask you if everything is in the right place. If you would like to see any items of furniture in a different position now is the time to tell them. Of course, your movers will appreciate the odd cup of tea during the move so make sure the kettle is on hand!

For a reliable removal company who will move your items with care, then contact Acorn Removals today!

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